Filthy Beautiful Love

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  • Release date: September 29, 2014

    When Colton Drake paid one million dollars for Sophie’s virginity, the last thing he expected was to fall for her – hard – and then to watch her walk away. But when Sophie discovers that Colton has been lying to her, it is going to take more than money to get her back.

    Colton won’t be deterred. Sophie is his, she just doesn’t know it yet. Can he seal the deal and rock her world so thoroughly she’ll never want to leave again, or is it too late…

    Editorial Reviews

    “A 5-star erotic novel. I was ugly crying and ripping my damn panties.” – Monique, Just Booked

    “Full of angst, mystery, and an abundance of passion.” – Elle, Goodreads

    “I am so in love with these characters. They have insecurities, real life problems, and lots of sexual tension. I couldn’t put it down!” – Leah, GiveMeBooks

    “Colton Drake is a sexy dirty talking alpha that will steal your heart!! this book (both books) are 5+ star…” – LAF4774, Amazon reviewer

    “Some of the scenes had my toes curling and my tablet heating up!” – Kara, GiveMeBooks

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