Filthy Beautiful Lust

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  • Release date: November 10, 2014

    ‘Tell me what you need,’ I ask, lacing my fingers with hers. The simple act of holding her hand makes my blood pump faster.

    ‘I need you to be careful with me and Max,’ she whispers.

    Pace Drake loves sex, and he makes no apology for getting what he wants, when he wants it. But when he meets single mom Kylie, he’s enthralled by her and begins to question his standard operating procedure. Kylie’s depth and determination make the hookups that fill his weekends seem empty and shallow. She doesn’t want or need anyone to take care of her and that only makes him want to care for her more.

    Kylie’s trust in men has vanished. The last man she was with played ding-dong-ditch-it with her uterus and now the infant son he left her to raise alone is the only man she has time for.

    Pace wants to prove to her that he is one of the good guys, but can she really trust that his days of hitting it and quitting it are gone forever?

    Editorial Reviews

    “I am in LOVE with the Drake boys! Pace Drake just stole my heart inthis book and I am pretty sure he is still running with it.” – BookLovers Obsession

    “I give this 5 Stars. I could honestly sit down and read the story again!” – BookLovers Obsession

    “Pace had me eating out of the palm of his hand at 9% in and I knew at that point I was completely done for.” – Amazon Reviewer

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