The Forever Formula

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  • Release date: April 11, 2023

    Welcome to Kodiak Canyon,
    Where the men outnumber the women, the beards are impressive, and the beer is home-brewed.

    Second chances and first loves …

    Rachel Tyson never expected to be single, unemployed and starting over in the remote mountain town she’d worked so hard to escape.

    After inheriting her grandfather’s rustic cabin, her only goal is to sell the thing and move on. The place holds too many memories—not all of them good. But complicating her plan is the big, grumpy, and highly overprotective Noah Hart. They share some ancient history, and maybe a secret or two. But Rachel doesn’t need saving this time. Not really, anyway. Too bad Noah isn’t about to let her get away again.

    ✔️ Overprotective hero
    ✔️ Free-spirited heroine
    ✔️ Opposites attract
    ✔️ Slow burn
    ✔️ Small-town gossip and loads of feels!

    This one has it all. Don’t miss The Forever Formula!

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